5 Ways You Are Sabotaging your First Dates

As the Client Relationship Manager at Agape Match, part of my responsibilities are to collect the dating feedback after our dates go on their first dates. I even collect the datin...
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Here’s What to Do If You’re Single this Valentine’s

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 2.51.47 PM
This is the one week a year where love is - figuratively speaking- forced down your throat. I work in the love business, so much of my members receive spoonfuls on a monthly basis,...
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Top Three Reasons to Hire a Matchmaker

Hiring a matchmaker isn’t for everyone – we don’t claim to be. But for those that it’s a fit for, nothing can replace it. Want to know if matchmaking will make finding your...
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Jack Nicholson Will Probably Die Alone – You Don’t Have To

Jack Nicholson
Men in NYC have a competitive advantage in dating. Our guesstimation is that there is one single straight man in Manhattan for every five single women who are actively looking for ...
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My 4 Favorite Dating Books

book heart
One fantastic way to help you find The One is to learn more about how your brain works when it comes to finding and choosing love. It's an excellent way to dating more effectively...
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The Best Matchmakers Give You Their 10 Best Dating Tips

Best personal matchmakers
After seven years in this fascinating industry, you learn a couple of things. For one thing, you learn the best dating tips, just by experience of matching your clients and receivi...
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6 Signs the Guy You’re Dating Isn’t Right For You

Photo by Shutterstock
Imagine your best friend, who’s dated lots of guys only to be disappointed time and again, who’s struggled finding a boyfriend, finally tells you: “I met the perfect guy!” ...
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Online Dating… Yay or Nay?

Photo Credit: Flickr
100% of readers will agree with at least one of the below statements. (Anyone that disagrees is lying.) You are or have dated online. You know someone who has dated online. ...
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Fall Dating: What to Do & What to Wear!

We date for a number of reasons; to test the waters with potential admirers, to woo a significant other with romance, or to have fun, plain and simple. Whatever your reasons for da...
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Ready to Fall in Love?

Birds on a branch
Shake off the August lull by making September the month of YOU. September is the perfect month to turn a new leaf without the holiday guilt that the month of January delivers. Bus...
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