This week, we’re bringing in the heavy hitters to help with your dating questions with Agape Match’s Online Dating Manager, Erika Ettin. Erika Ettin is an online dating expert and dating coach who helps people navigate the world of online dating. Her expertise includes profile creation, photo selection and photography, message writing, and date planning. She is also the author of the book Love at First Site: Tips & Tales for Online Dating Success from a Modern-Day Matchmaker.Things discussed in this week’s episode include…I’m moving and traveling a lot. Should I be using the apps and dating people when I’m traveling and in transition to my new home? How do I handle those situations?I just got out of a year long relationship and started to get into online dating. How do I start the conversations? I keep getting connected to guys in different cities on the apps. Should I ask them if they travel to where I live?I’m having trouble dating multiple people at once. I get attached to guys who are unemotionally unavailable. Help! Maria and the crew are going to Mexico! Join them!

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