In our January episode of Lunch Break with Maria, Agape Match’s CEO, Maria Avgitidis, interviewed Gillian McCallum, CEO of Drawing Down the Moon, UK’s oldest matchmaking service.

To view Maria’s interview with Gillian and learn more about their advice on dating trends, see below:

People tend to self reflect at the onset of the new year and if they’re single they join online dating sites/apps as an opportunity for a fresh start in taking control of their dating lives. Think new year = new me. Online dating is a big market and both Agape Match and Drawing Down the Moon have seen how frustrated people get with the process. Thankfully at Agape Match, we do offer on online dating manager service – this option takes over your online dating profiles so you don’t have to. Drawing Down the Moon has also started to provide an online dating course where clients can educate themselves on how to create a better profile, how to connect with potential matches, what photos to use on your profile and so on.

In the last few years especially, social media sites have served as a supplementary tool in harnessing online dating lives. Instagram is a great example of how people can easily access and view other people’s profiles that share similar lifestyles to their own or portray a lifestyle that they aspire to have. Of course, perception of what is real life is skewed because we base our opinion of someone on the photos and captions they post, which might not always be their reality.

We can understand the anxiety and fatigue that comes with online and social media dating.  At Agape Match, we usually see an uptake in client sign-ups towards the end of January which often reflects people’s frustration with online dating because they are not meeting quality matches or not meeting anyone at all. If you become a matchmaking client with either of our services, we absolutely guarantee you will meet someone 100% of the time. Our vetting process ensures you are meeting someone who shares your values and lifestyle.

Maria and Gillian’s mantra to their clients is simple – Live your Life! Don’t wait around to make life happen or meet that awesome person. Get off line. We have found that adventures provide a gateway to meet some incredible people or potential partner who share your interests and beliefs. If you’re not into going to Machu Pichu – start looking into networking events or conferences. Look at these interactions as as opportunities to meet interesting and like minded people.

Looking at where you want to be a year from now can be quite daunting because if you don’t achieve those goals you can feel disappointment. Consider SMART Goal setting (small achievable goals) when it comes to your dating life.

Specific: State what you will do to change your dating habits and form a strategy on the steps you will take to enter into a healthy relationship. 

Measurable: Measure your dating life by how often you say yes to new opportunities and interactions. For example, how often you go on first dates, even better how often you go on second dates. Say yes more!

Achievable – Focus on more achievable opportunities to meet other people. Go to more events, find out what’s going on locally (meetup, eventbrite). What interests you or what do you want to learn more about. Find out if there is a gallery opening near you or a mountain climbing club. It’s okay to go to these things alone – many other singles go to events by themselves interested in meeting new people.

Relevant- Ask yourself what is relevant to your dating life – is it more relevant that you get married ASAP with someone who you don’t really like or is it more important to form a relationship with someone who will provide emotional support and stability.

Time: Try measuring successes in small doses. If you are serious in making changes to your dating life, make a pledge that you will go to one event a week or go on one date a month. Up the ante as you become more comfortable and more in tune with what you are really looking for in a potential match.


You can learn more about Drawing Down the Moon, UK’s oldest matchmaking service by visiting www. or following their Instagram @drawingdownthemoonmatchmaking.