Dating is challenging enough; throw a global pandemic into the mix, financial uncertainty and an ever-changing “tech-y” world, and finding that special someone – the person you want to spend the rest of your life with – can begin to feel more daunting than ever.

If you worry about not finding the right person for you or feel hopeless navigating the dating world – well, it could be time to take advantage of a matchmaker… and in today’s post, we’re going to look at three signs that it may be time for you to hire a matchmaker to help nudge your dating life in the right direction.

You Just Don’t Have Time To Date Around

Today, more of us are working longer hours, we have more demands on our time… and let’s be honest – the last thing you want to do after a 10-hour workday is head to a dingy bar or crowded restaurant in the hopes of “finding that special someone.”

Some would argue that online dating is the “perfect solution”. However, online dating fatigue is a real thing – swiping through profiles and sending message after message (sometimes without a reply) can end up taking up even more of your time than conventional dating would. In fact, one study revealed that the average person using online dating to try and find a partner spends 10 hours every single week browsing dating sites. To put that into perspective…That’s 520 hours every year. And there’s no guarantee you’re going to find anyone close to what you’re looking for.

You Don’t Want Something Casual

In the vast majority of cases, bringing up “big” topics like kids, politics and religious beliefs on the first few dates is a BIG no-no… and, usually, it takes a few dates to get comfortable enough to even start having those kinds of discussions. However, at the same time, you simply don’t want to waste your time going on dates with people who aren’t a match for you or who whose long term goals do not align with yours. Not only do we understand that in a fundamental sense, but as matchmakers, we are essentially going on the “first date” for you when we are meeting potential matches in the preliminary recruiting phase. What that means is we actively ask those hard questions when we meet someone before we introduce them to you to better understand whether their values are in line with yours. 

You Simply Don’t Have Any Luck

I’d like you to think about something for a moment; If your car broke down, you’d take it to a garage, right? You wouldn’t try to fix it yourself. I know it’s a strange analogy… but the same concept applies to your dating life, too.

If you’ve experienced a number of failed relationships… if you just can’t seem to find “the one” who you feel an undeniable connection with… and if you’re sick of playing the “21st Century dating game”… with little to no luck…Then why wouldn’t you want to bring an expert on board and find someone who meets your parameters and you’re truly compatible with


As New York’s leading matchmaking service, Agape Match works closely with our clients, providing a unique, tailored-to-you experience. Agape Match’s committed personalized attention provides the right fit to our clients’ dating endeavors. Our aim is to build successful dating experiences based on several levels of compatibility, all the while protecting your privacy, safety, and respecting your preferences. 

So you spend less time worrying about finding the right person, and more time meeting potential partners who meet ALL of your preferences and requirements.

We take care of everything, from the initial matchmaking (finding you suitable partners) to planning dates, coordinating plans and more. And if you’re ready to find your special someone – then it may be time for you to give matchmaking a try for yourself.

Learn more about how matchmaking works and how it can help you find your perfect partner here or schedule a free informational call with a member of the Agape Match team here