Humans are naturally social and the day to day news cycle of Coronavirus updates have really tested our ability to adapt to our new normal. While the main subject in everyone’s mind is coronavirus, we have been getting a ton of questions on how and if people should date right now. It remains to be seen how long we will need to self isolate and maintain social distancing, however, this time presents an opportunity to merge the act of traditional courtship with modern communicative tools. Virtual dating whether it’s via video chat, text messaging, phone calls can really help develop that human connection that is so vital in the progression of romantic relationships. If you’re going to video date, keep in mind these three things:


Good lighting does wonders! Play around with natural light or have three lamps facing you in all directions.


If your laptop is too low, elevate it with a few books. You want the camera to be just above your eye level.


I know you’re all looking sloppy out there, but do your hair and makeup as if you’d be going on an in person date!


We encourage you to follow CDC guidelines on self isolating and social distancing. That being said, have fun exploring the many advantages of virtual dating, you never know where it may lead you!