With more and more people vaccinated, many couples are taking their Zoom relationships offline. If you’ve been online dating someone for a while, it might finally be the time to take that relationship into the real world.

Whether you’ve only matched on a dating site or you’ve been video chatting for months, these tips will help you knock your potential partner’s socks off.

Wear Pants!

We’ve all worn a blazer with sweatpants for a zoom meeting at this point. Why waste time on what won’t show up on your webcam, after all? Meeting in person, however, reveals parts of you the screen does not. Choosing the right first date outfit is essential to having a successful night.

Your outfit should perfectly encapsulate your unique personality and will be one of the first things your date notices. Everything from shoes to accessories counts, so pick what you find attractive. Don’t wear something you hate just because you think it’s trendy or will impress your date. You know what you like to wear and what helps your body look its best.

Another essential factor is wearing nice underwear- even if your date won’t see it! Wearing nice underwear is good for your mental health and can improve self-confidence. Some nice shapewear or lingerie can put you in a mental place to amaze your date.

All that said, don’t wear something you think looks good but will make you uncomfortable all night! Find a balance between feeling relaxed and feeling hot. It’s more important that your clothes make you feel special, as that will translate into your actions.

Be Prepared

Research suggests that self-confidence is one of the most attractive traits in a potential match. Being prepared can help you to manage any anxiety you have and increase your confidence.

Be sure to bring everything you need. That might only be your phone, wallet, and keys, but take an extra second to think about what else might come up. A pack of mints or gum almost always comes in handy on a date. A few Advil might save the day if you have a headache on the one date you’re not actually trying to get out of. While many places have mask restrictions lifted for fully vaccinated people, consider bringing a mask either way. It might make your date feel safer, and you might end up needing one some places.

Take some time to think about your date beforehand. What do you already know about them? On a regular first date, you might be asking them basic questions about their interests. Since you’ve already “met” this person online, however, your first date fallback questions might already be answered. Spend time looking up some of their hobbies. You don’t want to lie about what you know, knowing what questions to ask about their interests can really impress a date.

If you suspect the night is going a certain way, double-check you have everything you need, like protection, or ED medication like Sildenafil, or even an extra pair of underwear. It’s better to have and not need them, then kill the mood with a quick stop to the drugstore.

Plan An Activity

Drinks or coffee meet-ups can be fun and casual but sometimes feel routine or unoriginal. Moreover, they can be done over Zoom from the comfort of your home. Try doing an activity that can make your time together unique and give your night some structure. Research shows that doing new activities with a partner can drive attraction and romantic satisfaction, so go out of your comfort zone a little.

Trying a physical activity that gets your heart pumping can be a great way to build a connection. You’ll want something that allows room to talk but also keeps you moving. Going to an escape room, ice skating, or even trying ax-throwing can be memorable and exciting! These kinds of dates can bring you and a partner together in a fun and new way.

If being sporty isn’t your thing, explore other kinds of activities. A local brewery or wine tour can give you a chance to chat and learn about your date’s tastes. Alternatively, try something more casual with trivia night at your favorite bar. Some of these activities might be a little out of your comfort zone, but trying a new thing with your date can be a lot of fun and bring you together. Plus, it can give you something to chat about afterward.

As with any activity, make sure that you’re not imposing your date idea on your partner. Be sure to talk to them about which activities they like and feel safe in. If you’ve only ever met on a dating app, maybe don’t suggest hiking a remote peak. Meet your date in public and around other people for both of your safety.

Show Interest

While it might seem basic, paying attention to your date can really improve your connection. Give them a chance to talk about themselves, and listen to what they’re saying. Don’t neglect your own interests, but make sure your date has the opportunity to talk about theirs. Hopefully you prepared some questions about what they’ve already told you, so they can open up more than online.

Remember to open up yourself, too. Mutual self-disclosure makes both parties feel valued and connected. If one person is doing all the talking, try to adjust the conversation to be balanced. Be willing to share things about your life. Your date wants to learn more about you; otherwise, they probably wouldn’t have agreed to go out!

One important caveat is to know your boundaries, and do your best to sense your date’s. Know when to say no, and don’t ask questions that you wouldn’t feel comfortable answering. If your date seems unsettled by a conversation topic, don’t push it.