Let’s face it, creating an online dating profile you feel confident in can be tough. No matter how long you’ve been on the virtual dating scene, choosing the right photos for your profile can be an uncomfortable experience. It’s completely normal to feel strange about showcasing yourself to potential partners in such a public way, but once you get over this hump, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters: finding love. If you’re creating an online dating profile for the first time, or you simply want to give your current profile pictures a refresh, here are four photo styling tips to live by:

Be the focal point

When looking for (or taking) a photo that will be the first image your potential suitors see, position yourself so that you are the main focal point. Studies have shown that taking up more space in a photo and practicing “expansive postures”––– poses that allow your arms/legs to be more open and angles that lengthen your torso––– can actually make you more attractive. The expansive postures study took a close look at subjects participating in a speed dating night, and noted that those who sat in a way that took up more space/kept their body more open, were more likely to receive positive responses. In other words, don’t cross your arms or slouch in your photos. Instead, dominate the frame by elongating your body, and make sure to sit up straight. The first photo you decide to share should have you as the clear focal point in order to show potential partners your most confident self.

Style for confidence

Wardrobe stylist Eddie Hernandez compiled the perfect list on what to wear in your online dating photos, and unsurprisingly, one of the most important things you need to put on is confidence. The best way to achieve that extra boost of confidence and look your best in your photos is pretty straight forward: wear something that flatters you. Don’t take a risk by wearing clothes that are out of your comfort zone in your profile pictures, instead, go with what you know already works. Women who want their confidence to shine through in their photos should choose an outfit they already feel their best in and then layer it underneath with figure-complimenting shapewear to really feel like their best self. A foundation of shapewear has the ability to make any outfit flirty and flattering, showing everyone who views your profile that you are self-assured and relationship ready. For the guys, the best rule to follow as you style yourself is to make sure you’re dressing for your body shape. Clothes that fit you in all of the right places and are tailored to your physique will show you care about how your profile looks and that you take pride in your appearance. Don’t take the lazy route and post photos of you at home in your sweats. Instead, put in the effort to look your best by wearing clothing that flatters your body in every image you add to your profile.

Showcase a hobby

Since most sites encourage you to upload more than just one photo of yourself, try adding in a few of you in action by showcasing your favorite hobby. According to this article from Marie Claire on how to make your profile stand out, profiles with action shots actually get more messages. From sharing an image of you on the ski slopes to a photo of you playing piano, these kinds of pictures give potential partners a glimpse into who you truly are. So find a photo of a hobby you’re truly passionate about or take some pictures the next time you’re participating in said hobby, and add them to your profile. Afterall, actions speak louder than words! 


For seasoned online daters, smiling in your photos might be a given, but for newbies, it can be hard to determine whether flashing the camera a grin is genuinely the right direction to take. Well, we’re happy to report that smiling in your profile picture will get you way more matches, so upgrade your profile pictures by turning that “edgy” frown upside down! Regardless if you prefer a pouting lip to a sexy smirk, the numbers don’t lie. Smiling can actually boost your perceived attractiveness and there is extra data to show that certain smiles are more enticing than others. Women saw more matches when they smiled in their photos with a slight head tilt, while men saw more matches if they smiled straight on. Although you don’t have to smile in every single one of your photos, it’s worth it to upload at least one or two pictures of yourself that showcase your pearly whites. After doing so, keep track of the amount of responses you get to see if this change does work for your profile, it might be a fun experiment!


As you create your profile for the first time, or give your current page a refresh, keep the tips above in mind. Not only will these pieces of advice help you secure more matches, they’ll also make you feel more confident in sharing this version of yourself online. Putting yourself out there on a dating site is an act of vulnerability, so don’t make things more complicated by uploading photos that you aren’t completely confident in!