With much of the world continuing to battle COVID-19, the dating world has changed – perhaps permanently – and singletons looking to meet their special someone have been forced to get more creative when it comes to dates. Zoom – a popular video and audio calling app – has proved to be the “saving grace” for those looking to have virtual dates during lockdowns.

And while it’s a great way to bridge the gap – to some degree – many daters report Zoom Fatigue – dates can quickly get boring, things can be awkward – and if you don’t approach a Zoom date the right way, you may not even get to know your date well, at all!

If you’ve got a Zoom date coming up – or want to, but worry about what you’d actually do during the date – take a look at these five creative Zoom date ideas that quickly do away with any awkwardness and allow you to actually get to know your date on a deep, personal level… all while having fun!

  • Have a Game Night

Consider hosting a game night for you and your date. There are thousands of different games you can play – including everything from Jackbox and Tabletop Simulator, to games like Guess Who, Scrabble and even ! Even virtual games like Murder Mystery or Escape Room allows you to bond while relying on one another to get through to the next step. Playing games on your Zoom date is a great way to ensure there’s something to focus on, and it’s the ideal way to stimulate conversation – all while having a bit of fun at the same time!

  • Play 36 Questions

36 Questions is a series of questions first developed in 1997 by a psychologist called Arthur Aron; according to his research, these questions allowed him to make two complete strangers fall in love during an experiment he was running, simply by having them ask these 36 questions! It’s not only fun – but the questions get more personal as the game goes on, so you actually start to get to know more about one another too! You can easily find the 36 questions online – and this is a fantastic choice for those who want a bit of structure to their date.

  • Watch a Show or a Movie Together

Yes, really! Just because you’re not together in person doesn’t mean you can’t relax with a movie or a show together! One of you can choose to put on a film in the background, or you can both stream it at the same time from your computers/iPads. Watching a show/film together is a great way of setting the scene of a conventional date – although it’s perhaps better suited for second or third dates, as there’s going to be periods of time where you’re not talking – and you do want to get to know your date, after all!

  • Go on a Virtual Tour

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, many businesses – from museums and art galleries to wine tasting experiences and city tours – have started to offer virtual tours online! This allows you to experience a virtual (and, sometimes, even 3D) experience – all from the comfort of your own home! This is an excellent date idea, especially if you can agree on something you’re both interested in before the date. For example, why not head back to ancient Greece and go on a tour of the Acropolis or explore every corner of the MET museum all while sipping a glass of wine and getting to know your date!

  • Create Something Together

We love the idea of bonding through virtual date cooking, painting, cocktail making, baking etc. These types of dates really allow for the conversation to go (and grow) in so many different ways. Selecting and preparing the meal you will cook or picking out what you will paint and going through the steps together can certainly move the conversation to a more intimate level. Bonus points if once the meal is ready you both create a real life restaurant experience by setting the mood in candlelight, a glass of wine and getting dressed in your best date attire.

Remember, that just because the world has changed as we know it – and dating isn’t the same right now – it doesn’t mean you have to put your dating life on hold – or “wait until this is all over.” Zoom dates can be really fun – and if you’re creative and put the effort in, you’ll be surprised how much you can actually bond with your date, through your screen!

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