First dates are like interviews. The respect that you’d give a future employer
at an interview should measure up to the respect a potential boyfriend would
deserve on a first date: show up on time, dress the part, and be considerate.


Below are the five signs that you’re a bad first dater:


1. You showed up late and failed to give notice.

This is 2014, not 1994. You see that shiny thing in your hand? It’s a mobile phone. Now that you’ve had a formal introduction, use it. Just send a courtesy text if you think you’re running late.


2. You talked about a sexual experience within the first 5 minutes.

This is unnecessary, unless of course, you met over Craigslist’s Casual Encounters. First dates are about building sexual tension. That foundation is going to need to be laid out (pun!) over the next two glasses of wine.


4. You ate off his plate.

Did he offer? Did you ask politely? Horrible dining etiquette is a deal breaker for most. This is a first date anyway. Stop being weird. Eat off your own damn plate!


5. You didn’t do “the gesture”.

Chances are, if he has any sense, he’ll probably pay for the first date, so IF you offer, he’ll most likely decline. Regardless, always remember to thank him for such a lovely experience/meal/drink. Gratitude goes such a long, long way.