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On this week’s episode of the Ask A Matchmaker podcast, comedian Caitlin Peluffo and I discuss how to get your mindset right as a single person.
One of our hotline callers, a 36-year-old single woman, attends about three weddings a year. She also has an upcoming college and family reunion. But despite her efforts to be excited, she can’t help but dread the rude yet inevitable “You’re still single?” questions from well-meaning friends and family.
She wants advice on how to go to these events feeling confident, happy, and determined to enjoy herself.
My response?
No one can ask you who you’re dating if you’re dancing. 💃
Being the token single friend can make you feel like a third wheel everywhere you go, and weddings or family reunions can feel like an ambush on your dating life.
But instead of worrying about the questions people might ask, wouldn’t it be more fun to be the person who’s having a great time?
I know, it’s easier said than done. But here are a few tips Caitlin and I came up with for our caller.
  • For the weddings, call up the bride and say, “Hey, I want to sit at the singles table.” Or, “Hey, I want to dance at your wedding and enjoy myself. Can you sit me with other people who will do the same?”
  • The only difference between being nervous and excited is your mindset. Change the language around how you’re feeling to reflect enthusiasm. Are you sad that you’re single? Or are you excited about the possibilities?
  • If you are looking for love, these events are a great way to tell the people in your life that you’d love to meet someone new. Every single person is an opportunity, and you never know where a connection may lead.
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