Agape Group Coaching Intensive

Are you ready to transform your dating journey and unlock the keys to finding genuine love? Welcome to the Agape Intensive Program, a Virtual Group Coaching experience meticulously crafted by Matchmaker Maria to empower daters like you. In the span of just one week, our intensive program will equip you with the knowledge and tools to supercharge your dating life.

What to Expect

Our Agape Intensive program comprises three engaging sessions spanning nine hours, where we delve deep into a myriad of dating success factors. We tackle crucial topics like compatibility, chemistry analysis, and identifying and overcoming the roadblocks that may have held you back from finding the right person. We understand that self-sabotage can be a real challenge, and we’re here to help you break free from limiting beliefs that may have hindered your love life. Additionally, we explore attachment styles and their impact on your dating behavior, understanding your temperament and the chemistry that fuels attraction, measuring compatibility pillars, setting realistic expectations, identifying personal triggers, and crafting a strategic social roadmap to attract the high-quality partner you’ve been seeking.

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