If you were dating someone and you were to find out that actually, all along you were the other person what would you do? Would you feel compelled to tell their partner or spouse that they are being cheated on or would you walk away and cut contact with all involved?

Our CEO and head matchmaker, Maria Avgitidis weighed in on this during her popular Ask a Matchmaker Wednesday’s segment she does on her Instagram stories every week where people write in to ask for her professional opinion on all things dating and relationship related. We never would have guessed that this topic would become so divisive and spark such a massive debate!

Based on that loaded question, Elite Daily asked Maria to elaborate more on the topic:

“I genuinely believe that if someone has done this, it’s not your position to bear the burden of telling their girlfriend,” she explains, adding that your safety should come first. According to Avgitidis, the act of cheating on a committed partner and lying to you by keeping their other relationship a secret shows a certain degree of impulsivity and selfishness, as well as a lack of regard for others’ feelings. These are qualities that could rear their ugly head if you were to “out” them to their significant other. In other words, if they’ve built their world around a web of lies, who knows what they’d do to protect their carefully crafted world at your expense?”


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