Today is a really special day for me. December 15th is the day I kissed this guy on a second date who would then become my husband! This day is also a a special day from a professional point of view, too. You see- I followed my own advice! I attracted the man that had all of the values I was looking for to start a family with one day. I manifested him by doing this one simple exercise. I wrote down the 15 values that I wanted the future father of my children to have. (If you’ve already had children or don’t want children, you can call this list the 15 values in my life partner.) After I wrote down my list, I emailed it to my friends. I figured… let’s put it out there in the universe.

I did this, and exactly nine days later… we met! And the rest is history!

I did a little more than just that one list, of course. However, putting the values that I admire down on paper made it so much easier for me to identify the right guy for me when he appeared.

What does your list look like? If you feel like doing the above exercise, and I sincerely hope you do, you’re welcome to email me your list! Like I said… put it out there! Give 2019 the love momentum it deserves a couple weeks early!

Speaking of 2019…. Is it your year of love?
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Spend your lunch break with me!
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January’s guest is UK Matchmaker Gillian McCallum. She is the CEO of Drawing Down the Moon, the UK’s oldest matchmaking service. We’ll be discussing how to make 2019 the Year of Love and the phenomena of NYLon dating (NY – London). Don’t wait, registration is open and free to the first 100 registrants.

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See you next month…. unless we connect and we see each other sooner! 

Happy Holidays! 

Maria Avgitidis
Founder & Matchmaker