As more and more people are using the virtual platform to connect with people, setting an interesting background can be a great conversation starter and/or show the person you’re speaking with different aspects of your personality and humor.  Here are some of our favorite virtual backgrounds for your next video chat date!


1. Schitt’s Creek

A show with a little bit of everything where the backgrounds speak for themselves. Find them here.


2. Anastasios Designs

If you’re not really comfortable showing your house or if your background is just a white wall, consider Anastasios Interior design backgrounds for a sophisticated and mature look.  Find them here.


3. Your favorite memes

The beauty of memes is that they are a perfect way to illustrate what you’re feeling/thinking without having to describe it.


4. Destination backgrounds

Whether it’s your favorite place to visit or brings you a sense of calm, this type of background says where you would rather be than stuck at home.


5. Famous artworks

Abstract, modern, baroque – whatever floats your boat!