He’s been answering dating and relationship questions for years on the JTrain podcast! Now he’s our special guest this week to answer YOUR questions… it’s Jared Freid! Jared Freid is a comedian based out of New York City. His comedy is current and reflects the ordinary daily thoughts of everyone you know, especially if everyone you know is a millennial, obsessed with dating apps, trying to be a real adult and worried about their body. He’s a regular at the Comedy Cellar, Caroline’s on Broadway, and Gotham. He hosts the JTrain podcast and co-hosts a modern dating podcast called “U Up?” with Jordana Abraham of Betches. This discussed in this episode:

The REAL definition of “ghosting.” Plus, Maria shares her own ghosting story.

Why your ex might be trying to slide into your DMs while we’re in a pandemic. She’s been dating a married man for years. He wants to leave his wife for her. Oh yes, that’s an actual story this week. Can you have an actual “online relationship?” How dating has changed during coronavirus vs. “normal times.”

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