That Episode Where A Token Straight White Guy Mike Seydell Answers Your Questions Maria asked you for questions you would love an answer to directly from a straight white man… get the info straight from the source! And she delivers with Mike Seydell – token straight white guy of the month! (Not his real title.)

Mike works in Marketing and Events for various companies/industries the last 10 years. He is fascinated by people and how they interact with each other in various scenarios. He believes that in an effort to understand one-another we gain more insight into who we are and that understanding leads to a stronger and more empathetic society.

Things discussed include…

What do men really think about women that sleep with them on the first date? How do you get out of the friend zone? Why do men disappear after three dates? How do you know if he really does like you? How soon after a date should you text him?

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