To kick off the new year, we’re not only talking about how to achieve your love and relationship goals, but your goals in every aspect of your life this week! Joining Maria is Charly Lester!

Charly Lester is one of the world’s leading dating industry experts.

She is a serial entrepreneur, who currently runs a successful marketing consultancy business for dating apps and tech start-ups. Charly co-founded ‘Lumen‘ – the dating app for over 50s – the fastest growing dating app in the world in 2019.

Charly is the former Dating Editor for the Guardian, and Global Head of Dating for Time Out.

She has appeared on BBC Newsnight representing the online dating industry, and in 2015 she was an expert advisor to Lord Sugar in the final of The Apprentice.

Charly is a regular guest on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour. Find Charly on Twitter. Find Charly on Instagram

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