The cold weather in Texas has been all over the news the last two weeks. This week, Maria talks to someone on the ground and is dealing with it first hand… lifestyle blogger, Danielle Price. After graduating from film school at the University of Southern California in 2014, Danielle worked at a content creation-focused ad agency & house of lifestyle magazines in Los Angeles. Danielle quit her job and put her whole life into a storage unit in January 2020 (great timing!) to take the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in the South of France where she planned to learn to cook from the chef/owner of a bed & breakfast in Provence in exchange for overhauling the social media of the business.

However, the pandemic struck and she unexpectedly ended up back in her childhood bedroom in the middle of the West Texas desert instead. While spending 2020 soaking up precious time with her parents, Danielle dove into writing and creating social media videos for She’s Fun, her lifestyle blog for all things feminine & fun. She continues to help small businesses with unique content creation and branding.

Find Danielle on Instagram Visit Danielle’s website, She’s Fun To help the people of Texas, Venmo to these great organizations: Feed the People Dallas Mutual Aid Houston  Mutual Aid Austin  Mutual Aid Trinity/San Antonio

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