Financial compatibility is such an important part of a relationship. Yet it’s also one of the toughest things to talk about with a potential partner. Heck, it can even be tough to talk about when you’re married! Do you two have the same beliefs about money? Are you two in debt? Do you spend a lot or do you prefer to save? How do you take care of the bills when you get married? So many questions!

This week, Dr. Shannon Curry is here to help answer them! Dr. Shannon Curry is an award winning Clinical Psychologist and a national expert in psychological and interpersonal issues. She has been interviewed for major media outlets including the TODAY show, New York Magazine and The Cut. She talks about topics from trauma, violence and abuse to intimate relationships, parenting, career change and motivation. She regularly works with couples who are experiencing financial conflicts.

In this episode, we talk about everything from knowing how you’re a financial match in a relationship to having those awkward conversations about money early on and even after you’re married.

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