While we spend much of our time on the podcast talking about finding love, what do you do once that happens? How do you protect yourself and your family when you decide to say “I do!” to one another?

It’s time to talk about the big D… divorce.

This week’s guest is Certified Family Law Specialist Kelly Chang Rickert, better known online as Lawyer Kelly.

She has exclusively handled family law cases and prenuptial agreements for over twenty years. She is the author of several divorce articles published by Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Money Magazine. Her latest books, “Protecting Yourself From False Accusations” and “Two Adventures With Mom and Dad” (children’s book about divorce) were both Amazon #1 best‑sellers.

Kelly routinely appears as an expert on television/radio to comment on family law issues in celebrity divorce and custody cases. Kelly discourages “scorched‑earth” tactics in family law and encourages mediation and collaborative solutions whenever possible.

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