Personality tests have been around for many years. Sometimes they’re used for fun, sometimes your employer might want you to take them to help with your career. This week, we talk about personality tests with Erin Baute and how they can help you in love and dating!

AND Maria takes one on the podcast!

Erin has been studying and working in the field of behavior change for over 20 years and uses the Enneagram, consciousness practices and behavior change theory to help individuals, couples, leaders, and teams in both life and at work. She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Development, Master of Public Health and is finishing her PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, with a focus on coaching and development. She has been studying and using the Enneagram for 11 years as a tool to get clear about behavioral patterns that align with individual, relationship, and team success.  She is a Certified Enneagram Teacher and Trainer, as well as an Accredited Enneagram Professional from the International Enneagram Association.

If you would like to learn your own Enneagram, you can visit Erin’s website to book a session.

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