his week, we have our heads up in the sky, looking at the stars…okay, it’s more like the astrological stars, but still! We’re digging into so many things, including how astrology plays into our lives with this week’s guest, Chrissy Rutherford! Chrissy is a fashion and social media expert with over 12 years experience in the industry. She was the Special Projects Director of Harper’s Bazaar digital before leaving publishing in early 2020 in order to grow her personal brand and recently launched a diversity & inclusion consultancy for brands. Outside of fashion, Chrissy is a mental health advocate, music fanatic, and astrology lover who is always seeking the answers to life’s bigger questions.

Things discussed this week include…

How astrology plays into your dating life and those you attract into it. How living back home with your parents has become “normal” during COVID. Why people get put into the “friend zone” and what you can do about it. The new rules of “zoom dates” and how to plan for an exit. What it’s like moving back in with your parents as an adult.

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