This week, Maria welcomes Jasmine Lobe! Writer and actress Jasmine Lobe pens the relationship column, “The J-Spot”, for the Observer. She has also written for Cosmopolitan, New York Post, Thought Catalog, The OkCupid Blog, New York Natives, and The Know Cultural Almanac. She’s co-starred on Law & Order, Dirt, Cane, Retired at 35, The Human Giant, Hope & Faith, and acted in multiple web series and independent films. She is a Silence Breaker in #themetoo movement and is currently writing a memoir. Things discussed in this episode include…

How to have a conversation with a potential partner about past traumas or situations in your past. How to feel comfortable explaining any insecurities or questions you have with someone you are interested in dating. What to do when you aren’t sure whether you should tell a guy you like him. How to meet people when we’re in the middle of a pandemic. The recipe to planning an in-person date during COVID.

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