This week, it’s all about communication. How do you become a better listener? What if you’re dating someone that isn’t listening to you? We’re going to talk about how to be a better communicator AND how to be your most authentic self with #SlayTheMic queen, Jam Gamble! Jahmeelah “Jam” Gamble is an award winning media personality, sought out keynote speaker, and CEO behind “Slay The Mic”, a program that helps aspiring speakers, content creators, and entrepreneurs transform their voice into their ultimate superpower. Through corporate training, Slay The Mic Masterclass events, virtual learning, private coaching, and now through her recently launched course on Thinkific, she has helped over 700 voices have learned how to #SlayTheMic. Things discussed in this episode include…

Maria’s Three Top Tips to a Successful First Date How to be a better listener, not only in dating but in all aspects of life. The best text message you can send someone you’re not interested in. A discussion on whether bowling is a great first date spot. (really!) How to have a “Safe word” for when you and your partner are in an argument.

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