What do Jeopardy! and dating have in common? No, Alex Trebek isn’t single, he’s happily married, sorry to disappoint you. But you can learn so much about how to approach dating and relationships by how top competing contestants on the show prepare to play the game.

And this week’s guest is just the person to help… Jeopardy! Champion and Author of the new book, “Get Ready: A Champion’s Guide to Preparing for the Moments That Matter,” Buzzy Cohen! Buzzy Cohen took America by storm during his ten-game run on Jeopardy! in 2016. His distinctive sharp look, broad knowledge base, and irreverent sense of humor captured people’s attention like no other contestant had before. This led to coverage on the likes of Buzzfeed and Vanity Fair, as well as appearances on Good Morning America and Entertainment Tonight. Winning the 2017 Tournament of Champions only bolstered his position as a fan favorite – his gutsy bets and playful attitude with Alex Trebek and other contestants made his competition an all-time favorite for many viewers including yours truly. Cohen returned as one of the six captains for the Season 35 “All-Star Games” where his charm and personality took center stage among such luminaries as Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. He is often cited, by no-less than the NY Times, as a possible replacement host for Alex Trebek. In hs new book “Get Ready- A Champion’s Guide to Preparing for the Moments That Matter”, Buzzy draws on his own experience as well as interviews with other top performers (from musicians and federal prosecutors to glassblowers and competitive coffee brewers) to teach listeners how the unique preparation method he developed can help them train for high-pressure performance situations in their own lives: interviews, exams, speeches, and even dating!

Things discussed in this episode include…

Why women should feel confident to reach out to a man first. (it worked for Buzzy’s wife!) The difference between planning vs. preparing and how to use it for your first dates. How to get better at first dates and how to have fun with it along the way. How to prepare for moments that matter in life so you can fully be in the moment when it happens. The importance of intellectual compatibility in dating. The order of what you learn what you’re compatible with in a dating partner. Buzzy’s top three tips on dating and how you can use his Jeopardy! Preparation skills to make you a better dater.

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