In an era of online dating, hooking up and making fast friends with the swipe of a smartphone app, one thing is certain: when it comes to finding true love, you’re probably better off with a matchmaker, according to Agape Match founder Maria Avgitidis.

With increasing safety and privacy concerns, singles are becoming wary of circulating their identity online, into the waiting inboxes of strangers for their scrutiny. “It’s just some of the negatives of modern dating that cloud a great user experience,” said Avgitidis, citing hours of futile online searches that often turn up unsatisfactory or fraudulent would-be suitors.couple

Matchmaking agencies, says Avgitidis, facilitate the process of finding a client’s ideal mate – screening for core values, lifestyle similarities, physical attributes and integrity – while weeding out the rest.

“If you’re looking for casual fun, want to meet a lot of people and are less concerned about security or privacy, online dating offers the benefit of quantity just from swiping an app,” said Avgitidis, who is also a dating coach. “If you’re looking for quality – romance and a partner that you share chemistry and compatibility with – a matchmaking professional is better suited for the job.”

Many of Avgitidis’ clients are busy professionals who cannot – or don’t want to – date online, don’t have the time to sift through potential mates’ profiles or are in the public eye, opting to utilize Agape Match’s services to scour the city for the best potential mates that match up with clients’ personal tastes, interests and attributes.

Agape Match, in business since 2008, caters to New York City-area singles looking for love discreetly and safely with Avgitidis’ personalized touch, and she delivers results through her vast network of friends, acquaintances and associates for a one-of-a-kind client experience free from the pitfalls of online dating.

“Since when has searching height parameters ever measured the par of someone’s character?” said Avgitidis. “Matchmakers are like human algorithms… for some daters, traditional matchmaking provides a kind of service that online/mobile dating just can’t ‘match’!”