After seven years in this fascinating industry, you learn a couple of things. For one thing, you learn the best dating tips, just by experience of matching your clients and receiving their feedback. Much of the time, our members are their own worst enemies in dating. Sometimes, it takes a trusted matchmaker to give a couple of dating tips to send them on their way to success.

Here is my favorite dating tip, plus nine of my favorite matchmakers’ best dating tips:


“The person you are meant to be with has a similar lifestyle to you. They’ll have the same taste in how they spend their time and the same taste in how they spend their money. Re-evaluate your lifestyle. Is it conducive to meeting someone special? If it’s work- home – work- home, chances are you need a lifestyle makeover! Once you’ve got that in check, Mr. or Mrs. Perfect is right around the corner just waiting for you.” – Maria Avgitidis, Matchmaker at Agape Match.


“Be open to meeting people outside of your normal criteria. Throw your list away and let your heart lead. Your soul mate might come in a shorter, taller, older, younger, etc. package. When you let the Universe know thatyouare open and available for the best match for you, that is when the magic happens!” – Marla Martenson, Matchmaker at The Dating Source.


“Think twice before quickly vetoing or dismissing a potential candidate or interested suitor. Look for what’s right,vs. what might be lacking or wrong, and if this person seems to have your Top Three Critical Criteria, then do whatever it takes to get on a second date and then a third, which is when bonding begins to happen.”- Julie Ferman, Matchmaker at Julie Ferman Associates.



“The first two minutes and the last two minutes of a date are the most important!  When you arrive, greet your date with a warm hug, a big smile and a compliment right away.  Act like you already like him or her – it’s a nice thing to do, and it will help your date to relax.  At the very end of the date, don’t be wishy washy.  If you had fun, say so!  If your date paid, thank him profusely and repeatedly!  A goodnight kiss is fine if he or she is giving you body language that says, “Go for it”!  First impressions and last impressions are SO important.  If you start and end the date enthusiastically, you will have much better odds of success!!” – Michelle Jacoby, Matchmaker at DC Matchmaking.


“Go to your date with a smile and a determined attitude to discovering something amazing about your date no matter what.” – Leilla Benton-Jones, Matchmaker at the Vida Consultancy.


“Don’t ask too many questions. Men, in particular, feel as if the are being interrogated on a witness stand. And if you are asked why you’re still single, about your divorce, or about the loss of a spouse, answer with one positive sentence. Be a good listener. Share your warm smile often. P.S. No phone calls or sending or answering texts on early dates.”- Peggy Wolman, Matchmaker at Peggy Wolman Matchmaking.



“You can’t authentically date without first making yourself vulnerable. This is very hard yet very necessary. Just like you can’t fill a closed bag, you can’t expect love to materialize without first opening your heart to the possibility of it.”- Paul Brunson, Matchmaker at Paul C. Brunson Agency.


“ Your relationship is a mirror of the love you accept for yourself. Be the type of person you’re looking to attract. I’ve learned you really can’t change the person you’re with; but you can make choices to be with the person who’s right for you.”- Carmelia Ray, Matchmaker at Carmelia Ray Matchmaking.


“Go into the date with no expectations for the future.  Be present and enjoy the moment.  Have fun and be playful trying to bring out your dates qualities instead of looking for flaws.” – Lisa Darsonval- Amador, Matchmaker at Santa Barbara Matchmaking.


“Dump all of your preconceived ideas of the education, looks and career that your perfect future partner will have… and start FRESH! Focus instead on joint emotional needs, mutual respect and core values. That’s a great starting point for any relationship!” – Laurie Berzack, Matchmaker at Carolinas Matchmaker.