If you need some inspiration for your Valentine’s day gifts, we have you covered! Check out our 10 favorite Valentine’s Day gifts for the special person in your life.


Red Earthy Eye Necklace                                                  

Why we love it: Attract good love and protect yourself from the bad love out there with this red “evil eye” necklace.             

Where to buy it – Mati Jewels


Cemeli Bleecker Bag

Why we love it: This versatile bag can be used as a clutch, makeup bag, to hold your money and change, keep sanitary products hidden, or to store your pens/pins/needles!

Where to buy it: Cemeli


Simply Curated – Guava Fig 22k Gold Candle 

Why we love it: The design of the candle is so chic for decorating your home or office space and it smells like heaven.

Where to buy itSimply Curated


Raspberry Rose Hibiscus Tea

Why we love it: It’s tea time! Why not try something different (and delicious!) instead of the same old Earl’s Grey?

Where to buy it: Republic of Tea


SoundBot Water Proof Bluetooth Speaker

Why we love it: Listen to your favorite songs or podcasts as you get ready for a date! (Or you know, every morning as you get ready for work!)

Where to buy it:  Amazon


Alex and Ani Love Charm Bangle

Why we love it: You can never go wrong with a charm bangle as a Valentine’s gift to your partner, mother, nana or friend.

Where to buy it: Alex and Ani


Rouge Louboutin Nail Polish

Why we love it: Who doesn’t love a good red on their nails? The application of this nail polish is so sleek, you might never need to book a nail appointment again!

Where to buy it: Louboutin


Zoppen Multi-purpose Travel Passport Wallet

Why we love it: What a perfect gift if you’re going on an adventure! Everyone we meet tells us how much they enjoy traveling. Have you checked out Agape Match’s adventures? Our members are going to Iceland, Peru, and Antarctica this year!

Where to buy it: Amazon


Storiarts’ I Carry Your Heart Book Scarf

Why we love it: This infinity scarf has E.E. Cummings most famous poem “I Carry Your Heart” printed on it.

Where to buy it:  Storiarts


Winky Lux Steal My Heart Lipstick Pill

Why we love it: A classic color for your lipstick collection with a heart shaped design, what’s not to love?

Where to buy it:  Free People