With the Coronavirus permeating every aspect of our daily lives, staying indoors and practicing social distancing looks like it’s here to stay, at least for the next month or so. Being stuck with your partner at home can of course have its advantages (sexy games anyone?) but it can be daunting knowing that boredom is just around the corner. Below are some creative ways to level up your days and nights in the next several weeks. 


Do a bonding exercise

This is the time more than ever to delve deep and explore one another as if you are only just meeting. Think about the beginning of your relationship and how you bonded over small details of your lives or shared interests. Give yourselves the chance to get to feel closer again.

Our choice: Take your Love Language Test! Discover the secret that has helped millions of people strengthen and improve their relationships. Ready to love better? Take the quiz here.

Consider this: One of our favorite relationship experts, Dr. Terri Orbuch (aka The Love Doctor®) recommends the 10 minute rule. That is, spend 10 minutes a day (or more if you want!) talking about something else other than your every day routine. Focus instead on things that are of interest to you – an article you read, a podcast you just listed to, a new show you want to watch with them, ect.


Podcast your way to reorganizing your living space

Being stuck indoors gives you the chance to Marie Condo your living area and hunker down on essentials. If it doesn’t bring you joy, give it away! A great way to get through it and not feel like it’s a chore is to podcast.

Our choice: A little self promotion if you will, but have you heard Agape Match’s CEO, Maria on the Girls Gotta Eat Podcast episode Matchmaker, Matchmaker? Listen to Maria discuss what makes a great match, what the science says on why we fall hard for those we shouldn’t, and how to get over a break up. Listen here.

Comparably awesome: We can’t recommend enough the Dirty John podcast. Not only does this real story instantly capture your attention, but it also serves as a lesson on how to spot red flags early in toxic relationships. Listen here.


Go on a date… virtually

If you’ve already binged watched all your shows and have become desperately bored, consider going on a date…virtually. There are a ton of places and shows that offer virtual and live streaming options.

Our pick: Visit The Met 360° Project. This award-winning series of six short videos invite viewers around the world to virtually visit The Met’s art and architecture in a fresh, immersive way. Created using spherical 360° technology, it allows viewers to explore some of the Museum’s iconic spaces as never before. Visit the website here.

Comparably awesome: Did you know the Metropolitan Opera is streaming shows live over the next few weeks? Watch Carmen in your pajamas and couch and enjoy! Broadway also offers a service for a small monthly fee to stream their broadway shows. Visit the website here.


Above all, we sincerely wish you and your loved ones good health. Stay safe!