Nine months from now, we will see an absolute baby boom! It’ll be boomers 2.0, all thanks to the lockdown lovers who were stuck inside for months on end with little to do. For a lot of couples in lockdown, life has never been better. You have more time to spend with one another, more time to experiment, and you can strengthen your bond. 

Flip things around and look at life for single people, and it couldn’t be any different. You probably feel lonelier than ever, and your showers are definitely longer every single day. Some people love being single, and some people hate it. Either way, it’s a tough period as you can’t go out and chat with other people or go to the club and try to bring someone back to yours. It’s very much a lonely situation, but there are things you can do. 

If you are struggling with single life during this pandemic, here are some suggestions to add some more spice to your days:


Dating Apps

Just because you can’t go out and meet new people, it doesn’t mean you can’t talk to them. Dating apps like Tinder are a great way to find people in a similar situation to you. Everyone’s feeling a bit lonely and in need of some extra excitement. These apps are a great way to flirt and get chatting with fellow singles. Who knows, you could become so close during lockdown that you arrange to meet the moment the rules are relaxed!

Chat Lines

A chat line is a more personal way of getting in contact with other people. It’s not like dating apps in the sense that you don’t see dating as the end goal. Instead, it’s more about having some fun and feeling a sense of companionship. With chat line dating, you can hold phone conversations that are more friendly and flirtatious, or you can go all the way to the other end of the spectrum and satisfy your…eh hem…urges. If you’re feeling really bored and lonely, this can be a way to add some excitement to your life. 

Online Dating Websites

Yes, this is similar to using a dating app, but online dating websites tend to be more serious. People on Tinder are looking for a fun bit of flirting or a little fling – more often than not, anyway. On dating websites, you get people who are keen to start a proper relationship. If this time alone has made you realize you need a partner, online dating could be the way forward. Again, lots of people are in the same boat as you, so you could find your next boyfriend or girlfriend during a pandemic. There’s lots of time to get to know each other, making it less awkward when you are able to meet up. 


Even if you like being single, you probably hate it right now! Deal with your loneliness and lack of action by trying the three things mentioned above. They can help you add some excitement back into your life as you wait for the world to re-open.