If you are like most of our coaching clients, you are probably feeling overwhelmed with questions about how to really date and connect with someone online or offline in today’s world. Chances are that you know just enough about online dating to set up your profile, but not enough to know how to set it up THE RIGHT WAY, or what to do with it once you’re done.


Some of the questions you have probably sound like:

  • How the heck do I use Tinder? And make sure my date actually shows up!
  • Reality TV Romance – Have these warped social experiments actually changed our expectations in dating?
  • SEX – When is it really ok to start sleeping together? Does it even matter anymore? Is everyone on Tinder just out for sex?
  • Texting & Dating – There must be a better way to communicate…but how?
  • How can I avoid sticking my foot in my mouth when I’m dating someone of a different ethnicity or religion?


Our Director of Membership, Meghann Novinskie, will be joining Damona Hoffman (@DearMrsD), a dating expert and former TV producer, along with many other dating experts who come together to dialogue and debate these dating dilemmas in a FREE online event called the S.M.A.R.T Speaker Series: Decoding Your Modern Dating Dilemmas, launching June 19th.


Hoffman has hand-picked the best love experts in the world to come together to answer all of these questions and more about dating in the modern world. Meghann will share what has worked for her and our clients for anyone struggling to find the love they want. 


The S.M.A.R.T Speaker Series has been created to be FUN, and INFORMATIVE, and what’s so different is this series is set up as a roundtable video series – like some of your favorite panel TV shows! You will learn exactly how to use technology to your benefit in dating and the secrets for connecting with someone on a deeper level in today’s world.


Reserve your spot TODAY and you will get all the info you need to tune in delivered to your inbox.