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This week on the Ask a Matchmaker podcast, Louie Felix and I reunite to talk about Bumble’s new policy against ghosting, the right way to ask for a second date, and answer more of your burning questions!

We had a great video question come up in the hotline portion of the show. Stephanie, a divorced mom from South Florida asked for dating tips as a shy person with social anxiety.

I’m so glad she asked this because it reminds me of something Louie is always talking about which is ”don’t date, meet.”

When you’re dating, you show up to the date with expectations. The whole time, your brain is racing with questions like:

“Could this be my boyfriend?”

“Will my friends like them?”

“Can I see myself having kids with this person?”

Are these bad questions? No. But do they put incredibly high stakes on something that should feel fun and effortless? Yes! If you’re feeling nervous on a first date, I encourage you to shift your mindset. Instead of wondering if this stranger could be a potential husband, tell yourself, “I’m just going to meet someone new.”

You’ll instantly find yourself asking more appropriate questions like: “Do I like this person?” “Do we have a similar sense of humor?” “Was this fun?”

This approach will feel so much more enjoyable and take away some of the stress.

Bonus tip for those with social anxiety: When it comes to putting yourself out there, find an environment where you feel comfortable—AKA a weekly class or intramural sport with repeat attendance. 

This way, you can create organic connections with the same group of people. Every new person you talk to will open up the door to a social network you didn’t have before, which can eventually lead you to someone special! ❣️

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🤳 Post of the Week

Watch Louie and I roleplay how to ask for a second date!

Try this the next time you’re having a good time with someone and want to make plans to see them again. Let us know how it goes! 🫶


P.S. Is it just me or do we have MAJOR chemistry in this clip?? LOL.

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