Google any dating trend glossary and you will be sure to find ghosting at the top of the list followed by benching, stashing, breadcrumbing and the list keeps growing. These dating terms have entered the mainstream consciousness which help us navigate and cope with different interactions we have encountered in the dating world today. Cue the new dating trend our very own CEO, Maria Avgitidis has coined over at Elite Daily – “thumbing.”

 Thumbing is when you scroll or swipe on your phone out of boredom. Whether you’re waiting in line at a coffee shop or waiting for your friend to meet you at a bar, it’s hard to resist pulling out your phone and thumbing through social media when you’re by yourself in public. It’s an easy way to pass the time, and it gives you the “security of looking busy.” There’s nothing wrong with it. Pretty much everyone does it.

…staring at your phone is basically the equivalent of wearing a giant “DO NOT DISTURB” sign around your neck. “A phone can give a sense of security,” Avgitidis says, “but the mere presence of it can create an obstacle” to conversations with cute strangers.”


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