This week, Maria is quite excited for her special guest!

Hannah Orenstein is the Senior Dating Editor at Elite Daily. She’s the author of three novels, including her newest release, Head over Heels: A Novel. She also was the youngest matchmaker for the largest dating service in the United States.

Things discussed in this week’s episode include…

Why it’s important to have the “what are we” talk and not to put it off. Maria’s theory on how long it takes to get over a crush. How to take a COVID-era online dating situation offline. Why having height as a dating criteria doesn’t matter in the long run. How to become a Trophy Wife. (seriously, we talk about that!) How men and women view first dates differently.

Why “the one that got away” really isn’t and how it’s just a fantasy in your head. A guide to vegans on how to date non-vegans and WHY you should give them a chance.

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