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Agape Match’s CEO, Maria spends each day interviewing singles in NYC and this has amounted to over 7000 interviews and 3500 first dates in the last ten years! She knows what makes a great match, what the science says on why we fall hard for those we shouldn’t, and how to get over a break up. Every Wednesday, Maria does “Ask a Matchmaker Wednesday’s” on her Instagram where she answers people’s dating and relationship questions. Having gained momentum over time, Ask A Matchmaker was transitioned into a live webinar and now a podcast!

Ask A Matchmaker is your weekly go-to podcast for all things one and relationships. With her no-nonsense insight into dating, relationships, compatibility, and love, Maria and her weekly special guest answer questions to help you venture through the jungle that is modern love. Whether you’re looking for someone or you’re happily taken, Maria will keep you inspired to keep going down the path of love every week and hopefully gain a great tip or two to ignite the spark or keep the sparks flying!

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