February 2021 Virtual Group Coaching Intensive

Our Virtual Group Coaching program is designed to help women improve their dating experience.

Our Virtual Group Coaching Intensive program is designed to help women improve their dating experience in one weekend! The group meets three times and over the collective nine hours, we dive into compatibility, chemistry analysis, and identifying and avoiding the roadblocks that keep us single and/or attracting the wrong person. Through the group, a community is formed and with our guidance, we give a roadmap to meet your relationship goals. This group is for women only.

February 2021 Weekend Intensive Meets on: 

  • Friday, February 5th from 6-9 PM.
  • Saturday, February 6th from 10AM-1PM.
  • Sunday, February 7th from 10AM-1PM.
  • All times are Eastern Time.
What we’ll cover:

  • Attachment styles and its effect on your dating behavior.
  • Chemistry – Understanding your temperament.
  • Compatibility Pillars – How to measure the kind of person you should be with.
  • Setting realistic expectations.
  • Learning to identify your personal triggers
  • Breaking down your self sabotaging beliefs
  • How to create a social roadmap to attract the quality partner you’re looking for.


We meet virtually, via Zoom.  Enroll here.