Coordinating dates is part of our day to day. Sometimes pinpointing the best date spot can be tricky as we are always taking into account mutual match locations, restaurant rating and overall ambiance and whether they are first date appropriate. Thankfully, our date feedback over the years has helped immensely narrow it down. Here are our pick for top first date spots in NYC:



Settled in the heart of the West Village on Macdougal Street, Dante has cemented it’s place as our first date go to with great food and atmosphere, you can’t go wrong.

Can Socially Distant Bar Be Effortlessly Chic? Dante Thinks So | Vogue Courtesy of Dante


Tiny’s and The Bar Upstairs

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for drinks, Tiny’s and The Bar Upstairs in Tribeca has the vibe and ambiance to help ease any first date jitters.

Tiny's & The Bar Upstairs | Accidentally Wes AndersonCourtesy of Tiny’s and The Bar Upstairs


St. Tropez – SoHo

St. Tropez is a versatile wine bar that can quickly transition from a relaxing lunch to a cozy date spot.

St Tropez Soho review image Courtesy of St. Tropez