In all the years of dating, we somehow divert to taking advice from family and friends about what they think make us look attractive and sexy for a night out. On top of that, we feel that we need to assume a role created in our head while still maintaining the sexy factor—and that’s when we lose the goal.

Keep your eye on the prize and showcase your best assets—it’s what makes you uniquely beautiful. One of the most important tips I have ever provided in my styling career to bring out the most gorgeous you: be yourself.

Here are my go-to principles when it comes to shining the spotlight on your best features for your date:

1) Each one of us has something that makes your body beautiful. Highlight your lovely hair, small waist, beautiful legs, and gorgeous facial features. Don’t hide it, flaunt it!

2) Wear colors that make you happy and make you feel sexy: light blues, pinks, reds, etc.

Tip: When wearing the color white, it’s very important that it’s very close to your face. Like a pearl necklace, a white collar, or a white scarf. This projects more light to your face!

3) Save the luxury designer brand clothing and very expensive jewelry for later dates, not the first date. It’s good to keep your fashionable financial status a mystery.

4) Always make sure to wear deodorant or perfume.

5) Keep your pants in your closet for the first date or save them for the office—wear a skirt to show off your legs.

6) I believe the most feminine piece is a high heel. This is your defining point. Try a simple heel without embellishments and simples colors.