Food brings people together and we cannot argue on that. Better yet: one bite of your favorite food on a bad day can instantly change your mood just by sitting down with the people you enjoy spending time with. When most people think of adventure, their minds go to extreme sports, whereas for the so-called foodies of a group some of the most adrenaline producing experiences come at a mealtime. This week’s blog is all about food experiences for our favorite New Yorkers. From visiting a secret oyster atelier to baking in an industrial kitchen, you’ll find plenty of ways you can satisfy your appetite.

Shuck and Taste Oysters Like an Oyster Sommelier


For our seafood lovers, this experience is all about oysters. Up your half shell game at a secret oyster atelier in Chinatown. In this experience you’ll learn how to taste, describe, and identify different oyster varieties like a professional Oyster Sommelier. You’ll also learn how to open your own oysters and understand what it takes to create the best oyster outings. Whether you’re a seasoned oyster aficionado or just a little curious, book your experience now and you’ll leave this tasting experience feeling happier and perhaps one step closer to become an Oyster Sommelier.

Bake Artisanal Cookies with a Pro

Who does not love cookies and especially when it comes to baking your own cookies next to a professional baker? Located at a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen in Long Island City prepare yourselves for an  energetic night of baking cookies and mingling over drinks. You will have the chance to explore classic cookie recipes that have a twist, and you’ll learn some tricks for becoming a better baker at home. Don’t forget to bring a friend or your significant other. Besides, we all know that food passes through the stomach! Book your table now!

Taste Wines with a Certified Sommelier 

As you are strolling down the streets of New York City, get ready for a wine tasting experience like a pro. By the end of the session you’ll become more familiar with swirling, sniffing, and how to assess the terroir and finish of several types of wine. Each one you try is like a journey to the place it was made. You’ll get the chance to taste six lovely, entirely refreshing wines from a specific region, all of which will be paired with Murray’s cheeses and hors d’oeuvres. What are you waiting for? Book your experience here!