Genetic Matchmaking

Agape Match offers genetic matchmaking as a more intuitive and innovative reflection of their already successful matchmaking capabilities to their clients. Scientific research has shown that relationship markers – a combination of genetics and psychology – strongly affect who we are attracted to and how successful our relationships are.


coupleRelationship Satisfaction

Our feelings of well-being and happiness are affected by a neurotransmitter called Serotonin. When two people have differences in how serotonin affects their emotions, this can lead to relationship conflict.



long-term-chem copyLong-Term Chemistry

Complementary genes result in a higher level of physical attraction and a higher likelihood of a long-term stable relationship.



Psychological compatibility

Our personalities fit well with some and less with others. Long-term relationship satisfaction is highly dependent on how well your core character meshes with your partners’.


Instant Chemistry, the company behind the human compatibility test, has partnered with Agape Match to provide genetic matchmaking for New York City singles. For the first time ever, members now have an affordable way to test chemistry and compatibility long before a life-changing commitment is made with their potential matches.


Based on a combination of genetic and psychological components, the testing kit reveals the underlying compatibility between relationships, and provides tips for helping their relationship cultivate.


If you’re interested in being matched with someone of true chemistry, contact us today!