The coziness of “Cuffing Season” has officially come to an end. People who once settled for relationships and companionship in the colder months have now risen from their winter hibernations and are looking to spread their independent wings by throwing themselves into the social scenes of summer.

With concerts, parties, and festivals almost every weekend, you’ll meet hundreds of new friends and create memories with them that will last a lifetime. It’s essential that you face these new experiences head-on with an open mind. Taking the leap from cuffed to uncuffed comes with a change in behavior and mindset, so here are some tips for you to best transition your minds and bodies into Uncuffing Season and dive into the dating world.

Release the stress from your life

For a while, being in a relationship may have caused you to put another person before yourself, or forced you to be around too much negativity for too long. Neglecting the signals your body is giving you can cause both mental and physical impacts including depression, lack of appetite or even hair loss. Try getting ahead of stress with natural remedies like meditation, herbal teas, and exercise. If that doesn’t work, these symptoms can be addressed by speaking with your health care provider who may prescribe a treatment for thinning hair or suggest a medical approach to working through your feelings.

To prevent the stress from getting to your mind and body, move on and get closure from anything that has you carrying tension or resentment, whether from your past relationship or not. Moving forward, start actively taking a positive spin on a negative situation by giving people the benefit of the doubt. Avoid conflict and let only positive people and things into your life. Surround yourself with people that bring you up and welcome in compassionate people with open arms.

Get active

An overall healthy lifestyle can be one of the best sources for self-confidence and happiness, but people in relationships often push it to the side. Being active, either by participating in your own workout routine or by joining a team sport or league, can be hugely beneficial for your well-being. Not only can it positively impact your mood, but it can give you the courage and strength you need to fully embrace meeting new people and having new experiences.

If fitness isn’t a familiar area to you, get into the swing of things by joining a gym or taking an introductory yoga class. Join an intramural league with your friends or take up a new hobby like hiking. If you were in a workout routine before your past relationship that you neglected in order to spend time with your significant other, get back into it. Any simple ways you can be active can be instrumental in improving your overall health and making for an enjoyable dating journey.


Now that we’re closing in on winter and spring and summer are in our sights, you might begin to realize that the warmer seasons make it significantly easier to be social. Go out with your friends and introduce yourself to people. Go places you normally would turn down and talk to people that you’ve never gotten a chance to know, whether they’re your “type” or not, and make memories out of them.

Open yourself up to new people and new experiences to get the most out of your dating adventures. Having an open mind throughout your dating experience will allow you to get to know people for who they really are. Don’t rule anyone out, have a positive attitude and talk with everyone you meet. You never know when you could stumble on a new friend or even the love of your life.

Revamp your look

It’s no secret that people often symbolize their transition into a new chapter of their life with changes in their hair or wardrobe. Whether you hope to embrace your independence or venture into the dating world, you should feel free to represent your new and improved mentality with a fresh look. A slight change in any part of your look, accompanied by a sense of optimism, will have you ready to take on summer celebrations and mingle with peers.

Use your newfound open-mindedness to try out a haircut or style that you’ve had your eye on. Switch up your wardrobe and branch out of your existing style with new clothes and a new look. Whichever update you decide to make to your appearance, it should be one that will help you feel one hundred percent confident and comfortable in your own skin.

No matter what you need to do to improve your self-confidence, this is the perfect time of year to prioritize your own health and well-being. Keep some of these tips in mind as spring and summer arrive and greet Uncuffing Season with open arms.