Dear reader,
If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you might have noticed I’ve had a BIG life change recently.
That’s right, I bought a house!!! 🏡🔑
My husband and I have been on a homebuying journey since before the pandemic, and it’s been quite the whirlwind. There’s been ups and downs, hopes and setbacks, twists and turns, and you know what I realized? Buying a house is a lot like dating.
Let me explain. 👇 
  • In the beginning, we had high hopes. Interest rates were low, and we found a house that fit our needs. Unfortunately, upon inspection, we discovered some serious structural issues (“red flags,” if you will). I was sad and disappointed, but a year passed, and we discovered another house.
  • This next place was my DREAM home. I was in love with it. I even wrote a letter to the owner. We put a bid in, but instead of selling it to us, the owner decided to rent it out last minute. I was devastated.
  • We proceeded to shop around and look at other homes but were outbid every time. We made eight bids in total, and each time, I sat and visualized a future beforehand, only to be disappointed.
  • Every time we lost a bid, I deleted the Zillow app out of frustration—kind of like the way people delete Hinge or Tinder after a bad date.
  • Finally, in March of this year, I redownloaded Zillow because I was having a good day. And BAM, there was a house in perfect condition, with everything we’d been searching for. We waited five days, put our offer in, and it was accepted. 🎉
It reminded me a lot of the first month I met George. Two years before him, I had some very weird relationships.
These relationships would go on for two or three months. I’d start to visualize our future, thinking, “Wow, I’m falling in love. I’m about to go all in.” And then they’d ghost me. Or we’d have an awful breakup. I remember feeling so heartbroken and hurt.
But then I met George. Three weeks into dating him, I specifically recall writing this in my diary:
“One day, you’ll meet someone and realize why it never worked with anyone else.”
And the feeling of writing that…. That’s what I felt when we got the keys to our new home.
All of this to say, don’t give up hope. Whether you’re looking for a spouse or a house, you might have to sift through a few before finding your perfect match.
Listen to the full episode where I speak in depth about my homebuying journey with my sister and fellow matchmaker, Chrisoula. You can tune in on YouTubeApple, or Spotify.
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Maria Avgitidis