“How is matchmaking different from online dating?” This is a question I hear day in and day out when speaking to potential clients. At first (as a new hire), I really had to think hard to give an enticing and accurate response. My response typically was based on the large database and the attention one expects when working with a matchmaker. However, it goes so much deeper than that. In this post, I will outline a few core differences between online dating and matchmaking.


First of all, there are so many dating apps out there and a lot of them promise safety, personalized service and quality matches. Many of you reading this have probably used some of these online apps and services (we won’t name names). Think about what your experience was like. Did you receive quality introductions? Did you receive personalized attention? Were your expectations met? My guess is if you are reading this, then the answer to the above questions is “no”. Why am I so confident in my assumption? Because according to Match.com, only 19% of people who meet someone online actually go out on a date! Additionally, according to studies conducted by the Pew Research Center, only 5% of all committed relationships/marriages start online, which is alarmingly low considering that over 20% of Americans are online dating. That percentage is even more alarming when you learn that the average time per week spent by Americans on online dating is 12 hours a week! Who has that kind of time to waste? At this point, many people get discouraged and the quest to find a meaningful relationship has become yet another full time job, however this one has no benefits.


shutterstock_332212694 (1)Say you are one of the lucky 19% who end up going on a date after countless hours of swiping, messaging and profile examining… your excitement may be short lived. Pew Research Center tells us that 54% of online daters feel that someone misrepresented themselves on their profile. And why not, when 1 in 5 people enlist the help of a friend to create their profile and that friend makes a profile based on what they think will attract attention rather than the facts. However, if you order a turkey BLT and you get a regular BLT, you will probably not be too pleased. According to The Fast Company, 81% of people lie about their weight, age and height. For many people, these might not be deal breakers, but the fact that it was a lie, even if it was a white lie, sets the date and/or potential relationship up for disaster.


For some people, online dating works. But the truth is that is that online dating sites charge nominal fees with the hope and expectation that you will return once the relationship fails. The hope is that each client will enter enough mediocre relationships that they will enter a life cycle of use. Here is where a matchmaker will differ greatly.


At Agape Match, we pride ourselves in quality dates with serious people, who want to enter long-term relationships. We do this by providing a personalized service that includes no public profiles, one on one sessions with our experienced and knowledgeable matchmakers, feedback that is really taken into consideration and genuine compassion and care. Furthermore, our matchmakers vet all potential dates. You are not just given a phone number or set up on a date with someone who may or maynot be who they claimed to be. We work for you, we vet for you and we listen to your “must haves” and concerns. Another terrifying statistic from Pew Research found was the 28% of online daters at one time felt harassed or uncomfortable. Yikes! That is why vetting is a must and we here at Agape Match are very thorough in this process.


There is one common sticking point for some online daters turned potential matchmaking clients. Price. Well, I am a strong believer in “you get what you pay for.” Online dating can cost anywhere from $30-$50 a month with no guarantee of actually meeting with someone on a date or feedback about what they really thought of you and how can you become better. That’s about $360-$600 a year on some site just to put yourself out there without any promise.


user-privacyWith matchmaking comes privacy and the vetting mechanisms that the person we set you up is serious about dating.  More often than not, the number one complaint of why someone didn’t keep dating someone they met online was because one of the parties was just not looking for a serious relationship. At Agape Match, each of our members are looking to enter a serious relationship that could possible lead to marriage.


If you want to enter a successful, long-term relationship with a person who meets your expectations, then a matchmaker is the way to go! Let us be your middleman, be your “bodyguard” and your match hunter! If you are interested in learning if matchmaking is for you, give us a call at (212) 363-0486 or let’s schedule a time to chat! Click below!


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