Over a year into Coronavirus, and prolonged periods of staying at home have now become our new normal. So too have our extracurriculars shifted into the virtual space. Whether that is taking a college course, learning how to craft something, attending a business conference, or meeting new people at virtual social events – we are seeing more bonds being formed through video platforms like Zoom. The question becomes, is it worth shooting your shot with someone you have developed a crush on that you have not actually met in person.

Elite Daily asked Agape Match CEO, Maria Avgitidis how often we build someone up online that we have not met offline:

It’s easier to get the wrong impression of someone when they’re not physically in front of you IRL. “At school, you see people on their good days and their bad days. You can learn their micro-behaviors and decide if this person is someone you enjoy being around.” Without that physical advantage, it’s easier to build someone up in your mind and then feel disappointed when they don’t meet your expectations offline.


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