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Are you finding dating in 2024 to be particularly challenging?
Author and feminist dating coach Lily Womble has a theory on why that might be. 👇
The dating world is still very much influenced by patriarchal norms. It pushes women to shrink themselves and be less selective to find love.
Think about the advice that says, “Dating is a numbers game.” What is that really telling us? To go on countless dates, ignore our instincts, and exhaust ourselves? And then what, lower our standards because we’re so exhausted?
Plus, there’s this idea polluting our culture that single women are somehow “behind coupled women,” which leaves many feeling pressured and wondering whether there’s something wrong with them.
As a feminist dating coach, Lily wanted to create a guide for women to find love while standing in their power. So, she wrote her book, “Thank You, More Please,” as a guide to breaking dumb dating rules.
To truly understand the core principles of feminist dating, you’ll have to read the whole book. In the meantime, here’s a quick play-by-play she gives her clients to find emotionally secure men:
  1. Know what you want.
  2. Do a dating detox so your nervous system can reset, and you can get in touch with your inner voice. (Detox dating apps, dating worry, and bad dating advice).
  3. Claim your essence-based preferences, AKA how you want to feel in the right relationship.
  4. Ask for what you want with “qualifying disqualifying” questions.
  5. Bless and release the wrong people more swiftly so you can start meeting more of the  RIGHT people.
What does bless and release mean?
“Bless” is the process of acknowledging the work you’ve done, whether it’s a relationship, situationship, or something else. It also means to acknowledge the work the other person has done (or didn’t do). You’re blessing it, meaning you are compassionately aware that this is not right for you.
The “release” part is allowing yourself to let go and move on. This can apply to an ex you’re still obsessing about or people who are just plain wrong for you!
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