An 83% success rate is basically unheard of in the coaching and matchmaking business.  Thus, it is not surprising that my peers, my clients, and even my friends are asking, “How do you do it?”

Agape Match's Dating Coach, Mike Goldstein

Agape Match’s Dating Coach, Mike Goldstein


I believe in order to be successful in anything you need to have the Two S’s. You need an unwavering STATE and an amazing STRATEGY.


First, what do I mean by STATE?  It means, your attitude in the next six months is “I am 100% going to do whatever it takes to find an amazing man to be my boyfriend.”  


Next, your STRATEGY needs to be on point.  What does that mean?


It means, building an online dating profile that is in the top 5% of all online daters.  Once in the top 5%, you will receive and message 10X higher quality men.  10 times higher quality men means 85% of your dates will lead to good conversations.  Now, when we put you on a date where 85% of the time you have a good conversation, I have proven that you will only need to meet 6-8 men in order to find someone you like.  


Once you find someone to be exclusive with, (typically takes 4 months) our work is not done yet.  Next, we spend time setting boundaries, working on effective communication, and explaining how men think.  At the end of six months, not only will you be in an exclusive committed relationship, but you will have the tools to handle conflict and keep the relationship healthy instead of toxic.  


Let’s work together and get you in a happy and healthy relationship!

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