Dating is hard. As perfect as someone can be on paper and as great as a first date can be, sometimes… we fail to get to a second date. This can lead anyone to dating fatigue and frustration. However, I’m here to help you.  I’m going to pinpoint the four most common reasons why you just didn’t get to the second date:

1. You Weren’t Yourself

One of the biggest dating challenges is giving off a great first impression. Sometimes we focus so hard on the impression and try too hard to seem “perfect”, that we lose sight of what the purpose of a first date is.  You are not on a big job interview. You’re just two people sharing thoughts, experiences and getting a feel of each others personalities and values. The easiest way to “be yourself” on the date is to steer the conversation to topics you feel passionate about. 

2. You Weren’t Present

Maybe you had a bad day at the office. Maybe you just had a mild disagreement with a friend. On your way to your date, you have to shake it off. The success of your date rests on the mindset and attitude you come into your date.  Positive body language signs while asking your date questions and listening can do wonders! 

3. You Came On Too Strong

The whole purpose of being on a first date is to get on a second. That’s it! It’s not the time to discuss your future together or your children’s upbringing. Even discussing a weekend trip together is a no-no.  Your first date should revolve around your hobbies and interests. What are you doing this weekend? How was that trip to Italy? You get it! 


4. You Didn’t Look Like Your Photos

Inexcusable. Everyone should have accurate photos in their profile that are recent. (Did you know we take photos for our clients if they want better online dating photos? Contact us, and we’ll book a session for you!)


A few bad dates does not mean that your next one won’t be successful. Work on your confidence and be yourself. And remember… HAVE FUN!