With social distancing measures in place for the foreseeable future, we are seeing every bit of our lives changing and the scope of how long and when we will be able to go back to normal is unknown. Agape Match CEO and Matchmaker, Maria Avgitidis seems up to the challenge and believes that love will always prevail. With Corona, she has adapted and developed a new virtual coaching program for women.

In coaching, we teach compatibility and chemistry, we talk about a roadmap of getting to relationships,” Avgitidis said. “We have a male dating coach who takes [women] on mock dates. We are online dating on their behalf.”


In regards to matchmaking, her clients have had to quickly learn to modify their dating habits and lean on virtual call and video chat platforms.

Avgitidis had been trying to find a romantic partner for one of her clients, a CTO of a big tech company, for four months. But it took another round of searches and a pandemic for the arrow to strike. She set him up with a New York-based professor on a phone date, and, when that went well, a Zoom date. The lovebirds kept talking, decided not to see anyone else for two weeks, and then shacked up together at the CTO’s place upstate.She checked off everything he wanted, and then she said what she was looking for, and they have the same interests and values,” Avgitidis said. “They have compatible energy — they are both extroverted, they don’t get bored, they’re both very curious. They’re having these long conversations with each other.”



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