With easy access to the Covid-19 vaccine (also, it’s free!) and the success of the national roll out, many single vaccinated people are approaching the conversation on vaccinations similarly to “who did you vote for?”. The different prompts in various online dating apps are showing more singles wearing their Covid-19 vaccine like a medal of honor and knowing first hand before you meet someone if they’re vaccinated has come to be an additional vetting tool. The Los Angeles Times featured Agape Match CEO, Maria Avgitidis in their latest article where she talks about a recent survey she conducted on her Instagram stories on dating and vaccines:

Maria Avgitidis, chief executive of matchmaking company Agape Match, posted a survey in her Instagram stories in May asking her thousands of followers — mostly single women between the ages of 18 and 45 — if they would publicly share their vaccine status, if they would filter for vaccine status, if they would lie about getting vaccinated to increase the chances for more matches, and if they thought a person’s vaccine status reflected their political beliefs. On politics, 66% of respondents said yes, they did see a connection.

Asking a match what they think about vaccines is “a really easy way to learn about someone’s values,” she said. “It’s about learning ‘OK, if we had kids, are we going to get the MMR [measles, mumps and rubella] vaccine, or are you telling me we’re not doing that?’” she said. “It might be about politics; it might also be about your future if you want to have kids with this person.”



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