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If you watched the Ask a Matchmaker podcast last week and thought, “Hmm, they sure look alike 🤔” you’d be right!
Chrisoula is not only one of our senior matchmakers, she’s also my sister. It’s been such a pleasure to work alongside Chrisoula, and a treat to have her on the podcast! She hosted the NYC IRL Agape Intensive with me last week.
If you’re normally a Spotify or Apple listener, I highly recommend watching this one on YouTube. You’ll get to watch us react (and laugh) to sister questions like:
💛 “If we could switch lives for a day, what’s the first thing we’d do?”
💛 “What do we do for fun when we’re not matchmaking?”
💛 “What are the movies we watched too much as kids that explain why we are the way we are?” (3 Ninjas, anyone?)
We also talk about what I learned at YentaCon (a Jewish matchmaking conference), what my son thinks I do for work, and answer your hotline questions!
You can work with Chrisoula and I by joining the matchmaking database. Watch the full episode on YouTubeSpotify, or Apple, and remember to like, comment, and subscribe!
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I hope you’re laughing along with us. 😅
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